5 Tips to Claim Your Workers’ Compensation

How to get the Money You Deserve When You Get Injured on the Job

Workers compensation

What is Worker’s Compensation?

When you work for someone, you and your employer agree that you will receive wage replacement and medical benefits if an injury happens. In return, you give up your right to sue your employer for any negligence in the workplace. Workers’ Compensation is something that is mandatory for every employee and here are some tips for how to claim it. 

Immediately Report the Injury to the Supervisor
Quickly reporting workplace injuries is crucial. Depending on where you’re working and what you’re doing, compensation claims can vary slightly, but are mostly the same. You must be injured to claim Workers’ Compensation, and you can face legal repercussions for lying about a claim. The moment an injury happens in the workplace, you need to tell your supervisor about it. If time passes and your injury heals, it can be difficult to prove that you injured yourself while you were working.

Make Sure Your Claim is Filed Properly
Paperwork must be completed not only by you, but by your employer as well. You will need to have your employer complete a “First Report of Injury.” This form must be filled in precisely and in detail, so make sure that your employer has written everything correctly, and check it at least two times. You will also need to request your records from your employer.

Make Your Own File and Journal
Creating a file and journal for your own reference is probably the best and smartest thing to do. When you compare your personal records with your employer’s records, you can easily find inconsistencies and protect yourself from falsehoods that could lead to not getting your Workers’ Compensation claim approved. You will want to maintain a record of everything, from the hours and days you’ve worked to what you did in detail.

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Seek Medical Attention as Soon as You Can
Seeking medical attention as soon as possible is a must. Otherwise, the insurance company handling the claim may not believe that the injury occurred as it happened, and they can easily avoid paying for your expenses. Get everything that the doctor has written about the injury, or at least a copy of those things. By doing so, not only will you be able to prove that the injury happened, but you will also have a time stamped reference to show when the injury happened.

Make Sure to Explain How You Were Hurt
You need to be completely honest about a workplace injury, because these are delicate matters. By telling the whole story and having it written down by someone, as well as getting all the necessary records from your doctor, you will get your Workers’ Compensation claim approved.
As long as you follow these steps, you should be in a good position to receive a workers’ compensation claim. No one likes getting hurt on the job, but at least you will have some money for what will hopefully be a speedy recovery.

Paul Gilbert is a professional blogger, enthusiast who loves to write on several niche including Insurance, Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability. He is also a part-time consultant providing best solutions & support to injured workers for claiming workplace injury benefits under workers compensation attorney in rochester.


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