What can you do with a SafetyLine license?

Why transferrable licenses are essential for businesses that employ contractors, and how to best use them.

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SafetyLine is designed to support flexible workforces, from as few as a handful to hundreds or even thousands of users. For any organization using SafetyLine, they purchase a number of licenses. Typically, one per Lone Worker, but some prefer to buy extra, planning for expansion or for unexpected contingencies.

What makes a SafetyLine License transferrable?

SafetyLine handles its login process numerically, to maximize compatibility across devices; in fact, SafetyLine is device-agnostic. The account information is variable: regardless of what numeric login is used, the account information (the name, contact information, and more) can be changed on a case-by-case basis.

When your organization decides to hire a contractor, they can change the account information associated with a specific license, and allow that contractor to Check-in like any other Lone Worker. When the term of the contract is up, the SafetyLine Administrator can change the password and associated account information until a new user requires its use.

What about GPS devices?

GPS Devices can be associated with any license and account. If their use is mandatory for contractors, temporary workers, or other short-term employment agreements, the device can be associated with a single account that is rotated from user to user. This way, there is no additional setup required beyond the first-time setup that links the device to a specific license.

How does this benefit the Organization and the Lone Worker?

One receives the protection afforded by a Lone Worker protection system, and the organization implementing it doesn’t have to put excessive work into bringing a new worker into the existing safety culture. It’s flexible and fast, and easy to shift users in and out. If this is common to your organization, additional policies can be put in place to regulate this transition and implement additional oversight as necessary.

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The best benefit to a system like this is that if a Lone Worker moves from a temporary position to a full-time permanent position, nothing has to change inside the account. The information can simply stay as-is, with no interruption to the ability of the Lone Worker to Check-in, Check-out, or perform their routine tasks.

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