Satellite Devices and the Safety Benefits of a Garmin Professional Account

Unlock the Potential of Your Garmin Satellite Device

Have you switched to a Garmin Professional Account? If you haven’t done so, you are missing out on some valuable features SafetyLine offers with the Garmin Professional Account.  SafetyLine Lone worker is now fully integrated with Garmin Ltd., one of the world’s premier GPS technology companies that has been keeping people connected since 1989.  

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The Benefits of a Fall Detection Device and App

Fall Detection App Saves the Life of a Hiker  

James Prudenciano reported that his Apple Watch saved his life after he fell off a cliff while hiking.  The 28-year-old male from New Jersey, shared that he does not think that he would have lived to tell the story if it wasn’t for his device, detecting that he was in trouble. Prudenciano was hiking with Paige Paruso in Hartshorne Woods Park, New Jersey. It was after sunset and challenging to see when the two fell through some shrubs and slid down an extremely steep drop-off. Paruso fell first, but landed in a river below and did not suffer any severe injuries. Unfortunately, Prudenciano landed directly on a rock and suffered three fractures in his back. Fearing for his life, he said, “There was no way out of this for me. I literally said my last goodbyes.” Thankfully, Prudenciano’s Apple Watch’s fall detection app detected a hard fall and impact and immediately called 9-1-1. Apple Watches are equipped with an automatic SOS feature that is sensitive to immediate motions and hard falls. Upon detection, the device asks the user if it should dial 9-1-1 and if the user is not responsive, the watch will automatically call and share the user’s location. Surprisingly enough, this is not the first instance where this feature has saved someone’s life. A few months ago, in Norway, an elderly man suffered a severe fall in his bathroom that left him unconscious. His Apple Watch called local emergency services after detecting a lack of motion and response.    

Fall Detection: The Benefits of Motion Sensors  

Motion sensors in a fall detection app are incorporated within a safety system do not rely on a user’s ability to call for help. They run on the theory that the nature of many emergencies end up disabling a user’s ability to signal that they are in danger. This notion that lone users could be unable to indicate that they are in trouble is very much a reality. In the case of the 67-year-old man in Norway, the fact that his fall knocked him unconscious made it impossible for him to call for help. In addition to losing consciousness, users may be unable to call for help if another person is threatening their safety, and discreetness is necessary. In an environment where hazardous gases are present, the time between when a worker senses the presence of poisonous gas and when they lose consciousness can be extremely short; a fast and reliable method of signaling for help would be advantageous here, as well. Motion sensors should be essential features of every safety solution. They are comprehensive in their coverage of a user’s safety in all situations – even the most unexpected scenarios.   

SafetyLine Lone Worker Motion Features  

The motion features put in place at SafetyLine provide users with an additional line of protection. Our motion features are designed to protect your workforce in any scenario. By leveraging the motion sensors already installed on your smartphone, users can gain access to an abundance of tools that add essential protection when they need it most. If something happens and a worker can’t manually indicate an emergency, our motion features will keep your workers covered.    

Man-Down detection is triggered if a device has not moved for an extended period. This is often a result of an unconscious worker. Man-down detection is crucial. If one of your workers is unconscious, how will you know? This feature enables fast response times for workers who need it most.    

Fall Detection is activated if the device senses a fall or impact that might be capable of injuring a worker. Depending on the severity of the fall, a worker may be unable to press a panic button or signal for help in any other way. The fall detection feature ensures that if a worker suffers an injury that results from a fall, support will be on the way.    

Shake for emergency gives workers the ability to signal an emergency simply by shaking their device. This can be useful in several situations, specifically those where silence is essential. The shake for emergency feature is also useful when a worker is unable to type or call for whatever reason. If discreetness is necessary, SafetyLine’s panic button is helpful for quietly calling for help.    

Motion features are critical when it comes to comprehensive safety coverage. Prudenciano’s hiking incident could have been fatal if it weren’t for his device’s fall protection. Situations like this that would otherwise be deadly can have a happy ending with motion sensors in place.    

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SafetyLine Lone Worker in App

Are Health and Community Care workers classified as Lone Workers?

Are Health Care workers classified as Lone Workers

A person is considered to be alone at work when they are on their own and cannot be seen or heard by another person. Careful consideration of all situations where this may be the case is essential. Working alone encompasses all employees who may go for a period of time, short or long, where they do not have any direct contact with a co-worker. Even though working alone is not always dangerous, it can be when other factors come into play. Continue Reading…

Essential Safety Tips for Working at Heights

working at height with safetyline lone worker

The prospect of working at heights covers many different industries. Whilst some professions have bigger risk than others, it’s important to be safe no matter what kind of height you might be facing. Taking precautions before working at height can save lives and prevent serious and life-threatening injuries, so being prepared in your line of work is incredibly important.  

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6 Ways to Prevent Electrical Accidents When Working Alone

Does your job entail you to work with electrical equipment? Then you would understand the importance of practicing electrical safety. When you are working alone, you have to be extra careful so that you don’t find yourself in an electrical emergency. Here are 6 things to follow for electrical safety if you are working alone.

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Rising Temperatures Bring Increased Heat Stress to Lone Workers

According to the Weather Network, 2019 is predicted to be the hottest year in our history.  The developing El Niño event will only contribute to the fact that this year we will very likely experience unprecedented levels of heat and forest fires.  With predicted temperatures on the rise during the summer months, the risks of heat stress related illness are going to increase in the workplace.  Continue Reading…

2019 COS Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards

We are excited to share hare that we’ve been chosen to be on the list of companies nominated for the 2019 Canadian Occupation Safety Readers Choice Awards by Thomson Reuters in the category of Lone Worker Monitoring.

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Legislation vs. regulation: What’s the difference?

For most people, these two terms are used interchangeably: how similar are they really?

Legislation and Regulation

There has been a lot of time and energy spent on updating the legislation around Lone Workers of the world, particularly over the past 15 years. Australia, Canada, and the UK all have revised and updated language about lone workers at the legislative level. 

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Lone Worker Safety: Monitoring Technologies

What you’ll need to know when you’re choosing a device for lone worker safety

monitor checking smartphone on jobsite

In the third part of our January Tech Check, we’re looking at technologies available to protect lone workers. SafetyLine supports a variety of technologies, which means that you may have a tough decision when it comes to purchasing devices. In this guide, we’ll break down the capabilities of each device, and outline some common usage scenarios.

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The Benefits of Software as a Service

Why proprietary hardware is becoming a thing of the past

Software as a service

Scalable technology has become more important than ever for small and medium sized businesses. In a global market, businesses need the ability to place employees anywhere at any time. To meet this demand, companies are increasingly turning to service providers and purchasing software as a service (SaaS) for their technology needs.

Once a niche distribution model, SaaS has now become the top method of software delivery. Consumers benefit from improved product support, and businesses are benefiting from a reduction to their overhead expenses.

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