SafetyLine’s Business Intelligence Feature with Contact Tracing to Help Combat COVID-19 Spread

Preventing Exposure Through Social Distancing  

With masses of people emerging from quarantine into public places, wary health officials are keeping a close eye on if or how the virus will be transmitted during this extraordinary scenario. Over the past several months, governments and health authorities have encouraged and enforced social distancing from others to stop of the spread of COVID-19. But now that we are slowing the spread through new social practices such as:  

  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet or two meters. 
  • Avoiding large gatherings and any close-contact interactions with people not from your household. 
  • Reserve travel for only essential trips such as groceries or medical purposes. 
  • Work from home if possible. 

The Next Stage of the Battle: Contact Tracing 

As the strict quarantine measures are lifted, provinces are moving toward the next phase of opening the economy with many business allowing workers to return to work – a welcome decision considering how difficult it is for certain industries to employ staff working from Continue Reading…

Satellite Devices and the Safety Benefits of a Garmin Professional Account

Unlock the Potential of Your Garmin Satellite Device

Have you switched to a Garmin Professional Account? If you haven’t done so, you are missing out on some valuable features SafetyLine offers with the Garmin Professional Account.  SafetyLine Lone worker is now fully integrated with Garmin Ltd., one of the world’s premier GPS technology companies that has been keeping people connected since 1989.  

By switching to a Garmin Professional subscription, you can take advantage of Continue Reading…

SafetyLine Lone Worker Trusted in Safety Since 1999

SafetyLine Lone Worker Over 20 Years of Business

SafetyLine was founded in 1999 by Thomas Touhey. A subsidiary of its parent company, Tsunami Solutions, SafetyLine was founded for the purpose of creating innovative technology solutions to real-world problems. Born from one customer’s need to effectively monitor the safety of their large staff of remote workers, Tsunami designed its signature SafetyLine product to meet this demand. SafetyLine then paved the way for an entire industry to grow around this need. SafetyLine was the first automated solution in Canada that monitored and protected lone workers using cloud-based technology and mobile data, in unison with a website delivering regularly updated safety-related Continue Reading…

2019 COS Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards

We are excited to share hare that we’ve been chosen to be on the list of companies nominated for the 2019 Canadian Occupation Safety Readers Choice Awards by Thomson Reuters in the category of Lone Worker Monitoring.

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Health and Safety Twitter Feeds to Follow for Canadians

Twitter is the most active social media channel next to Facebook and Linkedin.  The platform is a buzzing social media channel of useful information that is easily accessible and allows users to share blog articles, news and product updates, and more.  Twitter has more than 321 million worldwide users and 7.6 million users in Canada, depending on how many people you follow on your twitter feed, it may get overwhelming with hundreds of tweets being posted each minute. Therefore, we created is a list (in no particular order) of some of the most influential Canadian health and safety twitter feeds to follow in 2019:

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What can you do with a SafetyLine license?

Why transferrable licenses are essential for businesses that employ contractors, and how to best use them.

Businessman hand touching screen with pictures of workers

SafetyLine is designed to support flexible workforces, from as few as a handful to hundreds or even thousands of users. For any organization using SafetyLine, they purchase a number of licenses. Typically, one per Lone Worker, but some prefer to buy extra, planning for expansion or for unexpected contingencies.

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Safety as an Investment

Lives aren’t the only thing that a robust culture of safety can protect

ROI Ebook

When you think about a safe business, you should think about more than safety as something you can provide for your workers at a cost to yourself. Safety, when done right, can make your workers safe and will make your business safer from a financial perspective. This transforms safety into a two-way street that has serious beneficial implications for your organization. This is Safety Culture, and investing in it is one of the safest moves a business can make.

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Motion Features are Here!

We're excited to introduce our newly designed Motion Features, now available across all platforms!

SafetyLine Lone Worker

If your organization subscribes to use Motion Features, you’ll have access to three new functions that make use of a device’s internal accelerometer. These new features bring extra functionality and improved safety measures to the Mobile App. These improved features include Man Down, Fall Detection, and Shake for Emergency, and have been engineered and designed based on your feedback. Continue Reading…

Updates are Coming to SafetyLine for Android!

Soon you'll have more control of your GPS breadcrumbs

In early November, we’re releasing an updated version of the SafetyLine app for Android!

This update provides new features and benefits:

  • This update paves the way for future upgrades, and introduces more control over the GPS breadcrumbs feature.
  • When you report a location to SafetyLine with the breadcrumbing feature, you’ll now be able choose when you’re sending breadcrumbs (when checked in, or only during emergency).
  • Battery level will now be included in GPS reports.

Using the new breadcrumbing feature

Once your app is updated, to find this new feature:

  • Open the SafetyLine app and enter your login ID to proceed (contact our Support if you have difficulty remembering your login ID and password)
  • Select the Menu (☰) at the top left, and then “Settings.”
  • Enable “GPS Breadcrumbs.” (slider in right position)
  • In the box here, choose between either “Only when checked-in” or “Only in Emergency.”

Device battery level reports

One of the benefits that comes with the update is a report of your device’s battery level:

  • GPS breadcrumbs will now include your device’s battery charge.
  • As a Worker’s phone battery depletes, SafetyLine will record the decrease over time.
  • If a Worker phone battery dies while they’re in Emergency, their Monitor can now see that information and act accordingly.

Please note, when the new SafetyLine app lands on Android, once you’ve installed the update you’ll need to log into the app again. If you have difficulty remembering your password, please contact our Support here.

New SafetyLine App for iOS Released!

business woman holding phone cropped

At SafetyLine, we believe that safety should never be a barrier to workflow.  It should be an integral part of any organization – streamlined and effortless. Now, managing your safety while on the job has become even easier with the rollout of our new iOS app for iPhone, and wi-fi//LTE enabled iPod and iPad.

Read more for a run down of the new changes we have made to make your check-ins more simplified and streamlined.

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