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How We’re Working for You During COVID-19

As you well know, the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated. Firstly, our thoughts go out to everyone already impacted by the disease. We appreciate all citizens’ and organizations’ efforts to self-isolate and “flatten the curve.” We also want to especially thank the healthcare workers and essential services workers on the front lines making a difference. As a result of your inspiring effort, we are now offering our SafetyLine Lone Worker monitoring service, for the next 3 months to new subscribers: Continue Reading…

Satellite Devices and the Safety Benefits of a Garmin Professional Account

Unlock the Potential of Your Garmin Satellite Device

Have you switched to a Garmin Professional Account? If you haven’t done so, you are missing out on some valuable features SafetyLine offers with the Garmin Professional Account.  SafetyLine Lone worker is now fully integrated with Garmin Ltd., one of the world’s premier GPS technology companies that has been keeping people connected since 1989.  

By switching to a Garmin Professional subscription, you can take advantage of Continue Reading…

Hotel Workers on Strike in Vancouver

Vancouver SafetyLine Hotel Workers

On September 26th, 2019 over 1000 hotel employees from three major upscale hotels went on strike indefinitely in downtown Vancouver. They are fighting for better pay, improved benefits, and safer working conditions. The strike is about more than just money – it’s about safety. The Hyatt Regency, Westin Bayshore and Pinnacle Hotel Harbour Front are the hotels whose employees began the strike. Workers are demanding reasonable workloads, Continue Reading…

Workplace Safety Hazards for Hospitality & Hotel Workers

Most duties of housekeepers in the hospitality industry are intense and grueling. Hotels today are competitive and offer more amenities to their guest and as a result, in an increase of workload and unseen safety hazards that can lead to an increase of serious workplace injury. Data from The Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2017 shows that hotel and motel workers had a nonfatal injury and illness incidence rate of 4.3 while total recordable cases of all industries including private, state, and local government are 3.1.   Safety agencies are reporting a significant increase in occupational injuries, safety hazards, and diseases among hospitality employees. Continue Reading…

2019 COS Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards

We are excited to share hare that we’ve been chosen to be on the list of companies nominated for the 2019 Canadian Occupation Safety Readers Choice Awards by Thomson Reuters in the category of Lone Worker Monitoring.

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Legislation vs. regulation: What’s the difference?

For most people, these two terms are used interchangeably: how similar are they really?

Legislation and Regulation

There has been a lot of time and energy spent on updating the legislation around Lone Workers of the world, particularly over the past 15 years. Australia, Canada, and the UK all have revised and updated language about lone workers at the legislative level. 

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Federal Legislation and Lone Workers in Canada

First of a series on the current state of Canadian Lone Worker Legislation

Lone Worker Laws are strong in Canada

Canada is peerless when it comes to strong protections for Lone Workers. Strong legislation passed at both the Federal and Provincial levels have created an environment where, for the most part, Lone Workers receive an unparalleled level of attention. While it’s easy to make the legislation available, we felt it would be important to discuss in a more general way the current state of Lone Worker Legislation in Canada. 

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Motion Features are Here!

We're excited to introduce our newly designed Motion Features, now available across all platforms!

SafetyLine Lone Worker

If your organization subscribes to use Motion Features, you’ll have access to three new functions that make use of a device’s internal accelerometer. These new features bring extra functionality and improved safety measures to the Mobile App. These improved features include Man Down, Fall Detection, and Shake for Emergency, and have been engineered and designed based on your feedback. Continue Reading…

Stricter Work Alone regulations for Saskatchewan

gas station at night

Nov 5, 2012

It was announced this past Saturday that the Saskatchewan government is changing labour regulations for better protection of lone workers in retail and gas stores.

The regulation calls for a check-in system and panic button requirements for all employees working alone in late-night retail establishments.

In addition, Saskatchewan’s Bill 23, which is to go in to effect this Wednesday, will increase penalties for workplace safety violations.

SafetyLine can provide employers with and effective solution to meet the new regulations in a simple manner and cost-efficient manner.

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The Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations of 2016

Did You Commit Any Of These Workplace Safety Blunders This Year?

worker unconscious next to electric drill

The results are in! The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced for the Fiscal Year 2016, the most frequently cited workplace safety violations.  Without further adieu, we are counting down the Top 10 Safety Violations of 2016!

You won’t BELIEVE what came in at Number 1…

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