COVID-19: Working from Home Tips From Staff At SafetyLine Lone Worker, Part 1

Here at Safetyline Lone Worker, we understand the challenges of working remotely. But since the public quarantine because of COVID-19, all of us truly understand what it’s like to be working at home and sometimes alone. #WFH

So we asked our team at SafetyLine, “What is one tip that you would give someone who is working from home?” And over the next couple of weeks, we will be posting what our team members said. 

Heather Eastman, Chief Operating Officer

“Staying aligned to my company’s ‘Purpose, Vision and Values’ is more important than ever. I keep them close to me throughout my workday to help keep me focused and connected”  

Kevin Wong, Software Developer 

“Maintain your daily routine and include time to connect with your coworkers, family and friends.”

Joel Benoit, Software Developer 

“Be the master of your own time – get over the distractions and get organized”

Phil Simpson, Regional Sales Manager 

“I would say that one of the biggest tips that I can provide based on my recent experiences is to try to stick to a schedule/routine. I found that it was too easy to continue working when your office is in your living room. Emails and requests will come in ‘after hours’ and it was way too easy to jump on the computer and deal with the emails/requests when your office is right there.  You need to be able to separate work time from personal time and be OK leaving things till you are ‘back in the office.’” 

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Lauren Holman, Product Marketing Associate 

“Take breaks. I think it’s important to take regular breaks throughout the day to reset and keep up your regular productivity. Sitting at your desk all day will be bad for productivity levels and mental health. Get up and move when you can.”

Zachary O’Dell, Junior Product Manager 

“Keep a routine! Humans thrive on routines and keeping some level of normalcy helps your work life balance.” 

Stay tune next week for part 2 of more working from home tips from the staff at SafetyLine Lone Worker 


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