COVID 19: Working from Home Tips From Staff At SafetyLine Lone Worker, Part 3

In continuation of Part 1 and Part 2: Working from Home Tips from Staff at Safetyline Lone Worker, we understand the challenges of working remotely. But since the public quarantine because of COVID-19, all of us truly understand what it’s like to be working at home and sometimes alone.

So we asked our team at SafetyLine ,“What is one tip that you would give someone who is working from home?”

Heather Morris, Business Operations Manager 

“My tip to working from home would be to create a routine. Every morning I get up at the same time I usually do workdays, dress as I would for work, and pack a lunch as if I were going to the office. By having a routine, I create some boundaries between my home and work life but I am also ensuring that I don’t snack all day and can still fit into my work pants when I head back to the office!”

Christian Morin, Chief Innovation Officer 

“In the morning, shower and dress as if you’re heading to the office. It helps put you in the working mindset.”

Alon Azar, Developer

Lester Tiro, Product Marketing Manager  

“Use the extra hour or time that would take you to commute to work in the morning to do something wisely like a workout, meditate, read, etc.” 

Gen Handley, Marketing and Growth Coordinator

“Always make sure you take your breaks like you would in the office. I try to go for a short run on my lunch break and it does wonders for my mental health and productivity.”

 Kyle Touhey, Chief Product Officer, SafetyLine/President, Scatterling 

“Setup for accountability and discipline. Our company has multiple offices and teams, as well as people who have been working from home either part-time or exclusively for years – I am one of them. If you create mechanisms for yourself to be accountable, I truly feel that you can not only match your in-office productivity, but you can exceed it. So make promises to others, commit to deadlines, have check-in points and you will very quickly find that you are meeting and exceeding them. You will organically shift from a time-based mindset to a performance-based mindset, and your coworkers and your boss will thank you.”


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