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Is Santa considered a lone worker

Is Santa Considered a Lone Worker?

It’s no secret that we are all excited to wake up to presents under the Christmas tree. But those presents didn’t just appear; someone delivered them while you were sleeping. Have you ever considered Santa’s safety? He is out in the cold all night, working only with the company of his reindeer. Not to mention, he is required to travel to countless unknown locations and enter the homes of strangers. Could Rudolph’s nose shine bright enough to signal an emergency, or should Santa consider an alternative safety solution?   

A lone worker like Santa would benefit from a safety monitoring service. SafetyLine Lone Worker has paved the way for lone worker monitoring companies in Canada since 1999. Initially founded for the purpose of using innovative technology solutions to solve real-world problems, SafetyLine effectively monitors and protects lone workers using cloud-based technology and mobile data. In his field of work, Santa could benefit from this safety solution in several ways.   

Is Santa Checking-In for his Safety? 

SafetyLine’s check-in feature allows employees, like Santa, to regularly check-in and confirm their safety. Check-in time intervals are customizable, and workers can alter intervals depending on how dangerous their environment is. For example, if Santa is delivering presents in an unsafe neighborhood, he could shorten the interval of time between each required check-in to confirm his safety more frequently. If Santa misses a check-in, Mrs. Claus (or other monitors) will be notified of a potential emergency and will be able to act accordingly.   

Motion Features Will Keep Santa Safe 

SafetyLine is equipped with motion features that help detect an emergency, even if the user does not indicate one. If Santa suffers a fall down a chimney and is knocked unconscious, the man-down detection will pick up on his prolonged inactivity and recognize that Santa might be in trouble. You can read more about the benefits of our man-down detection here. Fall-detection helps identify fast motions towards the ground that might have resulted in heavy impact – thus, Santa’s fall down the chimney would be detected, and Mrs. Claus would be notified right away.

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Lastly, SafetyLine’s shake for emergency feature might come in handy if Santa comes across an aggressive or violent parent and requires back-up. A panic button would also come in handy if Santa senses that a child is awake in the house. To stay hidden and escape quickly, Santa could discreetly press a button to notify the reindeer that a speedy departure is necessary.  

All jokes aside, from all of us at SafetyLine Lone Worker we hope you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season with your friends and family. It is important to note that SafetyLine’s benefits are not exclusive to Santa’s gift-delivery industry. SafetyLine is a lone worker monitoring solution that serves companies across all sectors by providing remote or isolated workers with a safety monitoring solution which complies with the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety Lone Worker regulations.   

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