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How We’re Working for You During COVID-19

As you well know, the COVID-19 pandemic has escalated. Firstly, our thoughts go out to everyone already impacted by the disease. We appreciate all citizens’ and organizations’ efforts to self-isolate and “flatten the curve.” We also want to especially thank the healthcare workers and essential services workers on the front lines making a difference. As a result of your inspiring effort, we are now offering our SafetyLine Lone Worker monitoring service, for the next 3 months to new subscribers:

  • FREE to Healthcare or essential services organizations
  • 50% off for all other organizations forced to now work remotely

The devastating COVID-19 pandemic has changed the professional world in many significant ways:  

  • The number of people working in isolation has increased, making lone workers or work from home jobs more vulnerable. 
  • Working environments are now more hazardous, thus a greater need for worker safety monitoring.  
  • Frontline workers protect the public and communities, so if they’re at risk, everyone is at risk. 

SafetyLine is an automated check-in monitoring tool, available as a smartphone app, phone, or satellite devices, workers report status updates and locations, and set timers. Unless they check-in before those timers expire, monitors get notified that their workers might be in danger. Workers can also signal for help with a panic button, or with motion-sensing man-down and impact detection. In the case of an emergency, monitors are shown the worker’s history and profile, then prompted to follow emergency response procedures until the person gets help.  

Using these tools, if any harm comes to these vulnerable workers, someone within their organization should be notified in time to help. To sign up for this offer, go to:

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Official Press Release can be found here:

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Since 2010, we facilitated close to 16 million safety check-ins from lone workers across the country. Additionally, 3 out of 4 workers felt safer on the job just knowing that SafetyLine was in reach.

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