SafetyLine’s Business Intelligence Feature with Contact Tracing to Help Combat COVID-19 Spread

Preventing Exposure Through Social Distancing  

With masses of people emerging from quarantine into public places, wary health officials are keeping a close eye on if or how the virus will be transmitted during this extraordinary scenario. Over the past several months, governments and health authorities have encouraged and enforced social distancing from others to stop of the spread of COVID-19. But now that we are slowing the spread through new social practices such as:  

  • Maintain a distance of at least six feet or two meters. 
  • Avoiding large gatherings and any close-contact interactions with people not from your household. 
  • Reserve travel for only essential trips such as groceries or medical purposes. 
  • Work from home if possible. 

The Next Stage of the Battle: Contact Tracing 

As the strict quarantine measures are lifted, provinces are moving toward the next phase of opening the economy with many business allowing workers to return to work – a welcome decision considering how difficult it is for certain industries to employ staff working from Continue Reading…