Rising Temperatures Bring Increased Heat Stress to Lone Workers

According to the Weather Network, 2019 is predicted to be the hottest year in our history.  The developing El Niño event will only contribute to the fact that this year we will very likely experience unprecedented levels of heat and forest fires.  With predicted temperatures on the rise during the summer months, the risks of heat stress related illness are going to increase in the workplace.  Continue Reading…

Workplace Hazards Series : Safety Hazards

How to recognize and prepare for Safety Hazards in the workplace

caution sign

Safety Hazards exist in every workplace, but what is considered to be a “Safety Hazard”?  Safety Hazards are unsafe working conditions that can cause injury, illness, and death. For this second of seven articles in our “Workplace Hazards” series we will be covering Safety Hazards.  They are the most common of the six types of hazards and exist in every workplace.

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