6 Ways to Prevent Electrical Accidents When Working Alone

Does your job entail you to work with electrical equipment? Then you would understand the importance of practicing electrical safety. When you are working alone, you have to be extra careful so that you don’t find yourself in an electrical emergency. Here are 6 things to follow for electrical safety if you are working alone.

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Rising Temperatures Bring Increased Heat Stress to Lone Workers

According to the Weather Network, 2019 is predicted to be the hottest year in our history.  The developing El Niño event will only contribute to the fact that this year we will very likely experience unprecedented levels of heat and forest fires.  With predicted temperatures on the rise during the summer months, the risks of heat stress related illness are going to increase in the workplace.  Continue Reading…

Traditional vs Automated Work Alone Solutions

Are you using a system that wastes your money and resources?

traditional vs automated check ins

Many organizations implement safety monitoring systems for employees working alone. Unfortunately, the vast majority of systems may not be compliant with legislation, and can be a wasteful drain on resources.

As our January Tech Check continues, we’re looking at the differences between traditional and automated work alone monitoring solutions.

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