Protecting Lone Workers in the 21st Century

New Industry Standards and Best Practices for the Modern Workforce

silouette of worker on smartphone

The new millennium has brought rapid changes in politics, economy, and technology. Jobs that couldn’t be imagined 20 years ago are on the rise, and companies can undergo massive change in short periods of time. Technology has liberated the workforce, with processes that are streamlined and optimized at a scale never before seen. Whole teams can work remotely, and individuals have more autonomy to work alone than ever before.

From a healthcare worker driving to a client, to an engineer conducting a remote oil site check-up, lone workers are far from rare in today’s work climate.  However, lone workers have unique risks and hazards that are not always obvious, like poor access to communications or difficulty getting help during an emergency. In this article, we’ll look at how lone worker safety technology is evolving in the 21st century.

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