Lone Worker Safety: Monitoring Technologies

What you’ll need to know when you’re choosing a device for lone worker safety

monitor checking smartphone on jobsite

In the third part of our January Tech Check, we’re looking at technologies available to protect lone workers. SafetyLine supports a variety of technologies, which means that you may have a tough decision when it comes to purchasing devices. In this guide, we’ll break down the capabilities of each device, and outline some common usage scenarios.

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Can Employees Working in a Group Be Lone Workers?

Working alone doesn’t have to mean working in isolation

Road Construction Workers

The idea of safety in numbers has been around forever. It’s common sense that being in a group can reduce risks from violence and accidents. What isn’t always common sense is the reality that groups of people are often at the same risk as an individual. In these situations, it’s important for employers to have a plan in place that covers not just lone workers, but groups of employees.

In this post, we’ll look at what employers can do to create safety policies that protect both lone workers and larger groups of employees.

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