The Benefits of Software as a Service

Why proprietary hardware is becoming a thing of the past

Software as a service

Scalable technology has become more important than ever for small and medium sized businesses. In a global market, businesses need the ability to place employees anywhere at any time. To meet this demand, companies are increasingly turning to service providers and purchasing software as a service (SaaS) for their technology needs.

Once a niche distribution model, SaaS has now become the top method of software delivery. Consumers benefit from improved product support, and businesses are benefiting from a reduction to their overhead expenses.

Software benefits abound

When compared to purchasing propriety hardware, SaaS gives businesses more flexibility at a lower, fixed cost. Software stays up-to-date and can be upgraded at any time. Hardware, on the other hand, eventually wears down and needs replacing. Maintaining software is also much easier, as updates can be made from anywhere and pushed to anyone.

As cloud-based software outpaces hardware solutions, it no longer makes sense for companies to restrict their corporate platforms. Corporate solutions need to be flexible across all hardware, software, and communications platforms.

New ways to communicate

Rolling out new services in business can be costly and labor intensive, but cloud-based services can be quickly implemented using existing hardware infrastructures. While not all businesses can immediately adopt a new operating platform, choosing software gives businesses the ability to easily upgrade whenever they want.

Modern businesses demand connectivity, and service providers like Salesforce and Citrix have revolutionized the way sales teams communicate. Even corporate safety can benefit by moving into the cloud, as monitoring services like SafetyLine can now protect remote workers across a plethora of devices and platforms.

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Empowered by technology

Businesses are increasingly bringing their workforce together with cloud-based tools. By moving their resources online, small and medium sized businesses can create the kind of network that was once only available to their larger competitors.

Global employees needs resources that they can take anywhere, and software can connect these people whether they’re few or many. In the same way that the internet has democratized ideas, SaaS has the power to democratize business.

Revolutionizing safety

Choosing software as a service allows businesses to reduce their risks while giving their employees the best tools available. When it comes to safety, choosing a software monitoring service means that businesses can protect their workers anytime and anywhere.

The adoption of software as a service has finally given workforces a truly mobile set of tools. By utilizing the best that SaaS has to offer, service providers like SafetyLine have revolutionized the way that businesses protect their employees.


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