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Many regions have safety regulations for Working Alone or in Isolation. The following are links to some information about various regulations in Canada. Failure to comply with Work Alone Regulations could result in increased WCB premiums, fines, legal action or even criminal charges for either an organization or an individual liable. SafetyLine helps you meet and exceed your specific regulations for Working Alone.

Canada - Federal

Under Canada Bill C-45 (which applies to the Code of Liabilities for Corporations), the Criminal Code has been amended such that organizations and even individuals may be criminally liable for failure to take reasonable measures to protect employee safety (effective March, 2004).

Canada Bill C-45

The regulations apply for staff working in Canada according to provincial legislation standards. See below for details.

Canada - Provincial

Many Canadian Provinces have regulations for Working Alone and/or in Isolation. The following download links provide regulation information on the situation in your Province: