Automate your Safety Monitoring

Integrate SafetyLine with your current devices for a complete safety network. Watch to see how.

Know that your People are Safe

Effective 24/7 monitoring without manual procedures, call centers, or costly devices

Workers will regularly check-in throughout their shifts. If someone is in distress and misses a check-in, signals a panic, or triggers a ManDown alarm, SafetyLine will start notifying their monitors, who will get calls by phone, text messages and email. Once a monitor gets a call they will have access to full information about the worker in distress, including personal profile, history, GPS location maps, voice messages, AND be prompted to follow each of your Emergency Response Procedure steps.

SafetyLine logs all events, and reports can be created on demand online. Administrators also have full access to setup and configure the system to match your organization's needs. SafetyLine's staff will consult with you to setup the most appropriate working alone program for your needs, and your people will get training and ongoing support - and that's just the bare bones. Explore more to find out how SafetyLine can help you provide a safer working environment for your staff, and an easy answer to work alone regulation compliance.


As a Worker you will have a personal account with SafetyLine. Use your choice of devices to regularly check-in and report "OK" throughout each shift.Start a shift by checking in to turn on monitoring. This will tell SafetyLine to start keeping an eye out for you, and turn on set a timer. You can go about your job as usual, but will need to check in again any time before your timer expires. Don't worry if you forget though because SafetyLine will give you a reminder before sounding the alarm.If you do get in trouble and can't call for help, SafetyLine will sound an alarm once your timer expirers and let your Monitors know you need help. Or you can signal a Panic alarm at any time.


As a Monitor you can login to SafetyLine at any time to check on your staff's statuses in a dashboard, listen to their voice messages or view their most recent locations on a map.If a Worker is in distress, you and the other Monitors will get calls, text messages and emails from SafetyLine to let you know. Simply acknowledge the emergency and you will have access on your computer or smartphone to full information about the Worker in distress; including personal profile, history, location maps, and voice messages. You will even be prompted to follow each of your organization's Emergency Response Procedure steps to resolve the situation as quickly and appropriately as possible.SafetyLine makes it easy for you to watch out for your remote people's safety.


As an Administrator, you will have secured access to a powerful web interface where you can setup, add, delete and change information for individual Users, Groups, or the system as a whole. SafetyLine can be configured and setup to match your Organization's existing structures, procedures and policies.You will also have the ability to generate on-demand configurable reports, so you can have the best information to perform your safety audits, create incident reports, or ensure that SafetyLine is always running in a way that meets your evolving remote worker safety needs.SafetyLine will provide support and consultation to get you started and setup in the best way possible, as well as ongoing support to help you make any changes you might need going forward.