SafetyLine™ Lone-Worker is a service by Tsunami Solutions Ltd. The goal of SafetyLine™ is to provide the simplest, easiest and most effective worker safety monitoring solutions available.

Founded in 1999 with the mission to develop Internet based high quality yet affordable software solutions, Tsunami set out to improve on existing safety and security strategies.

“Tsunami provides solutions to real-world business and individual challenges with affordable, practical, user-friendly technologies.”

Tsunami is an established national and international leader in remote monitoring services. The Tsunami SafetyLine™ product has long been recognized as the premiere safety option for remote worker safety monitoring. The speed and efficiency of SafetyLine™ has ensured the safety and quick emergency response of countless workers in many different fields. This effective and simple system has proven time and time again to provide effective response in emergency situations as well as to provide peace-of-mind that workers are safe and secure.

That same tested and true technology is available in all of the Tsunami products. Tsunami offers an entire range of internet and communications applications, all of which are built upon the solid framework and interoperability of the Tsunami Core Services Suite.