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We believe safety is an absolute necessity for every worker, doing any job, regardless of the time of day, physical location, or equipment available. Because of this, we worked hard to create a solution that is not only easy to use, but completely dependable.SafetyLine Lone Worker has it’s beginnings as a company in 1998 in response to legislative regulations introduced by WorkSafe. We set out to create a product that would help organizations to become lone worker compliant - SafetyLine was born as a result.

Starting as an IVR solution, we worked tirelessly to develop our technology to meet the growing demands of our market into the dependable and easy-to-use product we have today

Always Available Means You're Always Covered

SafetyLine delivers industry leading technology that allows for fully automated procedures that take out human error, while also increasing cost-effectiveness. Available anytime, and without wait times, your workers can spend more time working and less time dealing with call centres.

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Leaders in innovation

SafetyLine remains as an innovation leader by leveraging progressive technology to solve real-world problems. We remain open and inclusive to new ideas and processes.

Despite technological advances and changes in economic climate, SafetyLine remains relevant and effective by being adaptive to these changes.

Device Ubiquity

Any device, anywhere, at any time. From smartphones to satellite devices, when you have the power to choose your own device, you’re completely unhindered in what you can accomplish while being safety monitored.

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Trusted Software

With almost two decades of experience, we have had time to hone our service offerings, and make a product that is stable, secure, and reliable. With our proven reliability, our customers can be assured that their lone workers will be safe

Safetyline Connecting Workers

SafetyLine connects workers with those who monitor them, allowing for quick emergency resolution.

SafetyLine Chief Executive Officer Thomas Touhey

Thomas Touhey

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas has been with SafetyLine since its inception in 1999. His goal was to create a complete safety network using organizations' existing equipment.

Because of his ambition, hundreds of customers now Check-in, Monitor, locate and respond, from any device, anywhere, at any time.

SafetyLine Chief Product Officer Kyle Touhey

Kyle Touhey

Chief Product Officer

Kyle Touhey has been with SafetyLine since 2004 and is currently the Chief Product Officer. His focus is understanding the SafetyLine service and the needs of our customers and our markets, ranging from everything to feature needs to financial considerations.

SafetyLine Chief Technology Officer Gabriel Caldwell

Gabriel Caldwell

Chief Technology Officer

Gabriel Caldwell is SafetyLine’s Chief Technology Officer. He’s shaped SafetyLine’s technology strategy since 2009. Gabriel focuses on developing and deploying technologies to enable customers, and support operations.

SafetyLine Director of Sales Business Development Heather Eastman

Heather Eastman

Director of Sales & Business Development

Heather works with union leaders, industry representatives, governing bodies, government lobbyists and occupational health and safety specialists to ensure the ongoing safety of all Lone Workers. Her goal is to raise awareness to the risks of working alone in Canada, US and around the world.

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Unparalleled Service

From our complimentary support, to straightforward design, SafetyLine aims to make the task of work alone monitoring easy regardless of what our client’s situation might be.

Our team is knowledgeable about issues in the industry regarding safety, and are available to answer questions and provide insight.

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