Don’t slip-up at work and not use fall detection

A misstep on a ladder at an oil site. A trip while getting off the tractor. Or, a simple slip on a small chemical spill. All of these common occurrences can lead to injuries that not only make you unable to work but could lead to a visit to the local emergency room. 

Did you know that in a 2018 report from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, researchers found that in 2016 and 2017, there were more than 650, 000 visits to emergency departments because of injuries from falls with many occurring in the workplace? And according to Stats Canada, the most common type of workplace injury is…you guessed it – falls. In this blog article, we cover fall detection devices and applications that you can proactively implement in your company.

Fall detection

To address this serious and prevalent workplace safety issue, SafetyLine Lone Worker is widely used as a motion-detection app – for its man-down and fall down-detection features – available for both iPhone and Android – which will trigger emergency alerts if, respectively:  

  • If the device hasn’t moved for an extended period, often the result of an unconscious worker and 
  • If the device recognizes a fall event capable of injuring a worker. 

Lone Worker Fall Down Detection Series 

As the months begin to get warmer, an increasing number of Canadian workers will be doing their jobs outside and in situations where unintentional slips, trips, and falls are more likely to happen. That is why that here at the SafetyLine Blog, we will be publishing the Lone Worker Fall Down Detection Series, a campaign of informative articles, looking at how our man down and fall detection features can protect your staff in five major Canadian industries: 

  • Community Health and Homecare Workers 
  • Agriculture 
  • Government and Public Utility Workers 
  • Educational Institutions 
  • Oil and Energy 
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Want to see your industry featured?  

If you feel that workplace falls are a serious issue in your industry, let us know and we’ll try to cover it in the future. 

Enjoy reading and stay safe and connected out there! 

SafetyLine Lone Worker in App

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