Lone Worker Safety in the Oil & Gas Industry

How to protect lone workers with your existing devices


Balancing lone worker safety and budget can seem like mixing oil and water, but it doesn’t have to. In this article, we look at how oil and gas companies can keep their budget in check while keeping workers safe.

Between the numbers

It’s important to know your budget ahead of time when you’re choosing a safety solution. When it comes to work alone safety, options range from service providers to dedicated equipment. While dedicated devices have unique strengths, purchasing a service is the most flexible option. Investing in dedicated safety devices means assuming that your workforce won’t change in size. When it comes to longevity, single-purpose devices will also need replacing over time.

When comparing service providers, you’ll again find that you have options. Many call centers bill based on usage, leading to bigger expenses as usage increases. In comparison, software solutions can give you unlimited access. Knowing your total costs in advance makes budgeting easy, and means that increased safety doesn’t come with an inflated bill.

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Bring your own gear

Software solutions to lone worker safety let you to stay connected using a variety of devices. If you’re already set up for communication at an IS work site, you likely have everything you need. If you don’t have equipment, software solutions let you choose devices that get used for more than just safety. Without the need to plan your equipment around safety, you can get the best value from your purchases.

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Devices that can be used with a software monitoring service include phones, smartphones, satellite devices, and computers. Each of these communication tools provides unique benefits. Satellite devices can provide communications for workers while off the grid. An internet connection can turn any computer or tablet into a work alone safety tool. With IS smartphones and smartphone cases becoming more common, workers can even use their own devices.

Making a safe investment

When oil prices are low, it’s more important than ever for a safety tool to provide both flexibility and value. Software services like SafetyLine give you flexibility without the uncertain pricing of call centers. A software solution also means you can save money by using your current devices. With lower costs and better device integration, a software solution makes sense both for now and in the future.

To find out more about implementing SafetyLine at your work site, call 1-888-WRK-ALNE or contact us here.

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