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SafetyLine Lone Worker Over 20 Years of Business

SafetyLine was founded in 1999 by Thomas Touhey. A subsidiary of its parent company, Tsunami Solutions, SafetyLine was founded for the purpose of creating innovative technology solutions to real-world problems. Born from one customer’s need to effectively monitor the safety of their large staff of remote workers, Tsunami designed its signature SafetyLine product to meet this demand. SafetyLine then paved the way for an entire industry to grow around this need. SafetyLine was the first automated solution in Canada that monitored and protected lone workers using cloud-based technology and mobile data, in unison with a website delivering regularly updated safety-related content.  SafetyLine identifies as an automated cloud-based lone worker monitoring system that serves companies by providing remote or isolated workers with a safety monitoring solution which complies with the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety Lone Worker regulations. 

A Brief History of SafetyLine Lone Worker

SafetyLine initially started out as a service that only supported wireless application protocol (WAP) devices. However, the small number of people who actually had WAP devices lead SafetyLine to switch to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) monitoring service which allowed users to make phone calls to access SafetyLine commands.  

By 2005, SafetyLine had over 100 companies using its service. In May of that year, the company was given a Corporate Supply Arrangement, which allowed them to supply their services to all 19 ministries within the Province of British Columbia with Employee Notification and Safety Monitoring Services. Following this achievement, 3M Canada incorporated SafetyLine into their employee safety protection plan. Three successful years later, SafetyLine introduced its panic system in September of 2009. This all-new feature allowed monitoring of emergencies with the use of an in-App panic button. By December 2011, the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires of Victoria announced that SafetyLine would be offered to clients who would be working and/or traveling alone. One of SafetyLine’s most recent advancements, their motion detection system, came in 2017. This new feature allowed users to signal an emergency simply by shaking their smartphone devices. It also detected no motion, as well as falling motions, using the smartphone’s accelerometer data. SafetyLine now offers a Bluetooth wearable panic button that is compatible with the SafetyLine Lone Worker mobile app. The wearable Bluetooth accessory allows employees to declare an emergency discreetly without having to take out their mobile devices.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) 

In short, SaaS is a software distribution model by which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to consumers over the internet. SafetyLine itself is a SaaS tool that is used for lone worker monitoring purposes. Once an employee logs on to the SafetyLine system at the beginning of their shift, they are required to check-in at pre-determined intervals until their shift is done. Any abnormalities, such as a missed check-in, are brought to the attention of monitors, along with a report of any pertinent information provided by the worker and/or the safety device. All of this can be executed over a smartphone device, an IVR, and a satellite emergency notification device.  

Trusted by Top Leaders in Safety Since 1999 

SafetyLine administered over 3.3 million safety check-ins last year. Click here to read some of the thoughts these companies shared about their experiences using our software. At SafetyLine, we want to protect you and your people by making work alone safety easy and effective. By providing a complete safety network on all your devices that allows for regular check-ins and fast response times, we have the tools for your company to cultivate a positive safety culture. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, our solution is fail-safe. For nostalgia, we invite you to take a look a quick snapshot of our website front page from the past 20 years:

SafetyLine Lone Worker website in 2001 viewed on Netscape Navigator Explorer:

SafetyLine Lone Worker website in 2005 viewed on Internet Explorer:

SafetyLine Lone Worker website in 2008 viewed on Internet Explorer:

SafetyLine Lone Worker website in 2011 viewed on Chrome:

Our history and values of SafetyLine Lone Worker and Tsunami Solution serves as the solid foundation on which future growth will stand. We will continue to be adaptive, relevant, and innovative as a leader in mobile monitoring technology. Cheers to many more years to come!

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