Satellite Devices and the Safety Benefits of a Garmin Professional Account

Unlock the Potential of Your Garmin Satellite Device

Have you switched to a Garmin Professional Account? If you haven’t done so, you are missing out on some valuable features SafetyLine offers with the Garmin Professional Account.  SafetyLine Lone worker is now fully integrated with Garmin Ltd., one of the world’s premier GPS technology companies that has been keeping people connected since 1989.  

By switching to a Garmin Professional subscription, you can take advantage of powerful SafetyLine Lone Worker features including the ability to view valuable tracking information in SafetyLine (e.g., GPS breadcrumbs). Without this innovative integration, you can only receive GPS coordinates when a worker checks in. Additionally, you will gain the ability to send more complex messages to SafetyLine on top of your basic SafetyLine commands (e.g., “I am at a power station 12, I will go down to Dark Creek at 2 p.m., then home. At 3:45 pm”). The SafetyLine-compatible Garmin satellite devices are connected to 100% global Iridium satellite coverage, enabling two-way text messaging from anywhere in the world and they also can trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center. 

Overall, this will keep your workers connected to your organization, wherever and whenever they are working alone, allowing you to stick with the device you love and know will keep your team safe and engaged.  

Overview of Satellite Devices

As communities, workers, and company networks become increasingly dispersed across the globe, the need for solid satellite communications also increases – communications that can relay millions of signals around the curve of the globe, allowing seamless correspondence between distant geographical points, connecting people on an unprecedented level. Satellite devices not only reliably allow you to communicate with workers in remote locations, but they are also cost-effective and can cover large geographic areas, making them highly conducive for industries such as agriculture, forestry, community healthcare, and natural resources. 

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Professional SOS Monitoring

Whatever industry you work in, during an emergency, you can easily send an SOS message to GEOS, a professional global monitoring center that is available 24/7 to hear your call and send you help. The GEOS trained staff are always available to respond to your message, track your device and notify emergency responders in your area. GEOS will stay in contact with you and your emergency contacts until you are back to your loved ones safely. 

Satellite Devices for Lone Workers

Having said that, it is obvious why a company in one of the aforementioned industries would want its lone workers to use a satellite device – they’re dependable, affordable and can be used almost anywhere in the world, keeping workers connected to a helpful voice in case of an emergency.

By utilizing the combined power of SafetyLine and Garmin, you can connect your workers to that voice who could potentially save their lives. 

Switch to Garmin Professional

Switch to Garmin Professional, read the easy instructions here. 

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