Develop Your Free Lone Worker Program for Small Teams

If you have lone workers on your team, your confidence in their safety is essential. Managers across many industries have reported that their employees who work alone often do not have the back-up resources or safety measures needed to manage an emergency at work. One way to protect your people is to have a check-in system in place. For small teams, developing a free lone worker check-in system is a simple process that any organization can implement.

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You will instantly gain access to a complete guide that contains: 

  • A step-by-step breakdown on how to develop your own free lone worker program 
  • A comprehensive program checklist that’s easy to follow and will keep you on track 
  • A simple worksheet that breaks down the components of developing your program 
  • Additional information on automating your check-in system 
  • A discussion on the benefits of an automated lone worker check-in system 
  • A brief comparison of manual versus automated check-in systems 

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