Is Safety Productive?

Can productivity and safety go together in workplace?

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When it comes to investing in workplace safety, the perceived negative impact on productivity is a key concern. The truth is, a safe workplace is often a more productive and profitable one! In this article, we’ll look at how safety and productivity go together in the workplace, and how safety can actually help your bottom line.

Safe environments minimize lost working hours

Whether your work environment is an office or an industrial facility, reducing downtime is the key to maintaining productivity. In the office, this might mean maintaining a reliable IT infrastructure. A factory, on the other hand, would rely on having machines that run at peak efficiency. In either setting, employees are necessary to maintain optimal productivity. Because businesses rely on employees in this way, injuries will lead to lost productivity in any workplace.

Businesses that cut corners to save time and speed up production can often seem productive and profitable. In the long term, these environments can also be unsafe, leading to increased downtime. While safety programs often require an initial investment, they also have a positive impact on employee health. Because healthy employees are more reliable and productive, they’re also good for the bottom line.

A safety culture at work makes for engaged employees

A key aspect of finding a balance between productivity and safety is with the enforcement of safety culture. A study by Lockheed Martin of their Paducah Plant found that by developing a safety culture, they were able to increase employee productivity by 24% and reduce factory costs by 20%.

Lockheed Martin’s study found that the major reason for this increase was their focus on reducing errors that lead to accidents. By implementing extensive training, improving pre-work preparation, and auditing all safety processes, plant personnel were able to increase safety while also reducing expenses.

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Safe employees are more happy and engaged in their work

Safe working conditions often go hand in hand with ideal operational conditions. With safeguards in place, employees can focus on their work, instead of the dangers in their workplace. Keeping a cleaner, more organized space will help reduce safety hazards, and can also improve efficiency.

Safety in the workplace is productive in other ways, too. Employees who take personal accountability in their safety are more likely to be engaged and happy at work. Many studies have shown a link between happiness at work and employee productivity. To finish bringing things full circle, engaged employees are also more likely to be safe at work!

Productivity and safety: two sides of the same coin

One of the ways that personnel at Lockheed Martin’s Paducah Plant improved efficiency was by reducing the paperwork for permits by combining their processes. Employee protection was still addressed through the new procedures, but reducing paperwork helped Lockheed Martin see other benefits. SafetyLine can benefit organizations in the same way, by reducing the time and effort required by manual work alone systems.


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