Motion Features are Here!

We're excited to introduce our newly designed Motion Features, now available across all platforms!

SafetyLine Lone Worker

If your organization subscribes to use Motion Features, you’ll have access to three new functions that make use of a device’s internal accelerometer. These new features bring extra functionality and improved safety measures to the Mobile App. These improved features include Man Down, Fall Detection, and Shake for Emergency, and have been engineered and designed based on your feedback.


Man Down

With Man Down Detection enabled, your Worker’s device will be able to detect a period of no motion. After a set period of time, the device will trigger a Panic Emergency which prompts the Worker’s Monitor to respond accordingly. For example, if a Worker is running to meet a client and suffers a heart attack, our Man Down feature will detect no motion and immediately send an Emergency alert.







Fall Detection

Accidents caused by slips or falls may leave a Worker unable to call for help. With Fall Detection enabled, a Worker’s device is able to detect a sudden impact and trigger a Panic Emergency. This allows Workers to get help more quickly without needing to wait for a Check-in timer to expire. All a Worker has to do is have their phone in their pocket.

This improved Motion Feature is great for Workers who are at risk of trips, slips, and falls. For example, if a Worker up on a ladder falls, their device will detect an impact and send an alert immediately.







Shake for Emergency

When dangerous situations happen unexpectedly, there is seldom time to turn on a device for help. Shake for Emergency allows Workers to shake their phone vigourously to trigger a Panic Emergency. This can be done when the device’s display is turned off, or when the Mobile App is running in the background. For example, if a Worker is being threatened by the risk of physical violence, they can just shake their phone in order to declare a Panic Emergency.

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SafetyLine’s Motion Features were redesigned based on our corporate values of quality, innovation, and keeping safety easy and accessible for all Workers. By adding the newly redesigned Motion Features to your SafetyLine system, exceptional safety will be at your fingertips! For more information, visit our Help Centre or give us a call at 1-888-WRK-ALNE. We look forward to hearing from you!

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