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SafetyLine Listens

We interviewed current customers across all user types: lone workers, Monitors, and Administrators. All current customers were sent the same questions and were encouraged to answer honestly. After collecting the results, we are pleased to share the feedback we received!

Our customers love using SafetyLine

98%of Workers find SafetyLine to be user-friendly.

Safetyline Worker

94% of Monitors rate SafetyLine highly for quality.

Safetyline Monitor

98% of Administrators say that SafetyLine meets their work alone needs.

Safetyline Admin

From the lone workers utilizing SafetyLine out in the field, to the Monitors and Administrators keeping them safe, our users enjoy using SafetyLine. Not only to keep compliant with Canadian legislation, but because SafetyLine is the most reliable and user-friendly solution. See below for what different user types have to say about SafetyLine.


Safety check-ins recorded since 2010

We spoke to workers utilizing SafetyLine daily and we couldn't be more pleased with what they told us. Our respondents agree that SafetyLine is reliable tool to monitor? worker safety. During the last decade, SafetyLine recorded close to 16 million safety check-ins, 22 million GPS logs and an incredible 70 million events. According to these numbers, SafetyLine is a well-utilized system to keep your workers within reach.

SafetyLine Reliable Solution

Of Workers who use SafetyLine feel it's a reliable solution.

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98% of Workers using SafetyLine trust the service to keep them safe.

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3 out of 4 workers feel safer on the job with SafetyLine.

SafetyLine Devices

22,059,062 GPS locations recorded since 2010

"It is easy to use, and I appreciate the variety of notifications requesting a check in."

Kristy McAvena, SafetyLine Worker at Intact Financial Corp.

SafetyLine Monitor

From 2010 to 2020, SafetyLine helped Monitors resolve 178,574 potential emergencies.

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94% of Monitors are satisfied with using SafetyLine.

SafetyLine Phone with Safetyline

82% of Monitors use SafetyLine to keep track of workers' safety while out in the field.

SafetyLine Shield Checkmark

94% of Monitors feel SafetyLine does a good job in protecting users' privacy.

Over 90% of Administrators are satisfied with SafetyLine.

SafetyLine Pie Graph


of Administrators agree SafetyLine is a quality service.

All Administrators who have used customer support have found it helpful.

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SafetyLine SL Monitor


of all Administrators find SafetyLine's web interface user-friendly.

"When I needed to add more Users to our contract it was very easy to do. The staff were more than helpful getting this set up for us and very quickly."

Lisa Marks, SafetyLine Administrator at Justice Resource Institute


We asked the Administrators using SafetyLine, "Which feature do you use most frequently from our web app?". We're happy to report that the 4 most commonly used features help our users monitor their workers' safety, accurately reporting on their whereabouts when working in the field.

Safetyline Pie Graph

"I just LOVE the report function. I use the SafetyLine Compliance reports to send to each director every month."

Lisa Marks, SafetyLine Administrator at Justice Resource Institute


of SafetyLine users rate us high for reliability


We calculated our customers' likelihood to recommend SafetyLine to a friend or colleague by using a metric called the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The current NPS score for our industry is 39. We are pleased to announce that in 2017, our customers have placed us ahead of the curve by more than 35%.

"SafetyLine in general provides an efficient and effective service to meet the working-alone needs of their customers."

Nathan Mantai, SafetyLine Monitor at CMHA

Safetyline Bar Graph
Safetyline Bar Graph


Retaining our current customers is a big priority for us! When we surveyed all of our existing customers, we were proud to find that a vast majority of them have been working safely with us for many years. 41% of our customers have stayed with us for three or more years!

"Ease of use on the apps - crazy easy to it!"

Theresa Bahry-Abbott, Administrator-level User

SafetyLine Support Stat

of customers who had questions or problems said they recieved outstanding service.

SafetyLine Computer Screen


of Monitors find SafetyLine's support materials useful.

SafetyLine Thumbs Up

"SafetyLine has been a great solution for our working alone program."

Corey Payne, SafetyLine Administrator at Access Pipeline Inc.


Since 2010, we facilitated close to 16 million safety check-ins from lone workers across the country. Additionally, 3 out of 4 workers felt safer on the job just knowing that SafetyLine was in reach.

Now it's your turn to make your workplace safer with SafetyLine!

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