Proactive Check-in Timers

Don't rely on your ability to call for help... in order to call for help

Instead of trying to call for help when you are in distress, instead pro-actively check-in on a regular basis to report when you are OK. That will set a timer, which will start counting down. When it expires (and after giving you a reminder of course) SafetyLine will signal an alarm, even if you are unconscious or unable to call for help yourself. Just simply check-in any time before the timer expires to reset it and report OK Your check-in timers are set on the go, which means that you don’t need to setup any scheduled ahead of time and that SafetyLine can be flexible with your real world working situations. Check-in with either a default time using a simple button, or set a custom check-in timer. Maybe you are working with a group in a safe place for a little while, so set a longer interval; or maybe you are about to do something higher risk or feel like there are some hazards nearby, so set a shorter time so that help is called sooner if needed. And since you can check-in ANY time before the timer expires, SafetyLine doesn’t interfere with doing your job.

Voice & Text Messages

Leave comments for responders to find you in case of emergency

Whenever you check in or signal an emergency you can include a voice or text message. It’s a good idea to leave information about your location, what you are doing, and any hazards. Monitors will be able to receive these if you are in distress to better assess your situation and send help.

Emergency Panic

Signal for help with the press of a button

If you’re ever injured or in distress, you can signal a panic at any time. All of your monitors will be notified immediately and be given your information to send help quickly and appropriately.

GPS Location Technology

Monitors can see your location maps so you get found quickly when you need help

If you ever get in a distress situation on the job and need help, knowing your location will help your Monitors send the best help possible, as quickly as possible! SafetyLine keeps track of your GPS location (if device supported) on every check-in and emergency; but it’s done only for you safety. Every time you send a command to SafetyLine, your device will also send your location. On some devices you can also turn on GPS “breadcrumbs”, which will send a GPS location everytime you move or every so often. You have the ability to turn this feature on & off, or adjust the frequency, which is especially useful if you batteries are running low. And SafetyLine is only logging GPS info when you are logged on and actively monitored – it automatically turns off once you end your shift.

Choose your Own Devices

SafetyLine works with your existing devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, satellite messengers and even basic phones

With SafetyLine you can use the device you already have in your pocket today, whether that’s a basic phone, smartphone, satellite device or a mobile computer. That means you can pick and choose your device based on your unique preferences and job needs. We even have special device integrations to help with special situations, like for when you are out of cellphone coverage. Best of all, SafetyLine isn’t tied to your one device, so if you feel like switching throughout the day, it will work seamlessly. In fact, if you’ve checked in, you are already being monitored, even if your battery runs dry or your device gets smashed.

It's Easy to Use

Simple enough to use that it won't get in your way at work

You heard it here – SafetyLine is easy to use! There’s not much else to say, except that we want you to use it often since the more you do, the better your safety monitoring. We know that if it isn’t easy you won’t use it.

Make Sure you Know About Emergencies

Custom and persistent notifications trees to make sure the right person is quickly notified when a worker is in distress

If one of your workers is in trouble, you need to know! SafetyLine is setup to notify any number of monitors in cases of emergency, who can be people within your company or even a dispatch or call centre you might use. It will make calls and send text and emails to your monitors according to an escalation structure which you can define. You can even setup different escalations for different areas or groups. It is also persistent, so SafetyLine will keep calling until at least one person takes responsibility. You can be assured that SafetyLine will not rest until someone is taking action!

View Profiles, Histories and Maps

Get a dashboard overview of all your staff or check on the info, events or location for any one User

As a Monitor, you have access to a web portal with a dashboard overview of all of the people for whom you are responsible. You can drill down and get access to personal profiles, contact lists, events histories, voice and text messages, and even maps of previous and current locations for individual users. This is especially important if you get a notification of a worker in emergency, as you will be taken straight to their profile to view all of this info to best assess the situation and act accordingly.

Prompt for your Emergency Response Procedures

During an emergency Monitors will be prompted to follow appropriate actions and log comments

When in an emergency, SafetyLine will prompt you and other monitors to follow your organization’s custom Emergency Response Procedures. This means that as a monitor, you won’t need to memorise the steps that you are required to take to resolve a situation. Instead you will only need to perform the steps as they are presented to you. You can also leave a comment for each step, so other monitors know what is happening, and so the information for an incident report is being generated along the way. Your emergency response protocol steps will help you best resolve any emergencies.

Full Online Administration

Perform full system administration tasks and changes from any web browser with the SafetyLine web app

Logon to the secured SafetyLine web portal to perform any system administration required, or simply give a shout to our friendly support team. As an Administrator, you will have secured access to SafetyLine’s powerful web interface, where you can setup, add, delete and change information for individual Users, Groups, or the system as a whole. SafetyLine can be configured and setup to match your Organization’s existing structures, procedures and policies.

Get Custom Reports On-Demand

Everything is logged so you can generate reports whenever you need for your organization, groups or individual users with the online reporting tool

All events in SafetyLine are logged, so you can generate on-demand customized reports right from your web browser! You can sort according to your own criteria, and you can view event histories, GPS location histories and even media like voice messages from Monitors or Workers. Save your reports by printing, or export them to common formats like MS Excel for your own audits and analysis.

Fully Automated

24hr service = efficiency all day every day.

SafetyLine is fully automated, which means it is working 24hrs/day, every day! Reduce human error, improve efficiency, integrate technological benefits, and reduce cost.

Let us Handle the Back End

SafetyLine is a Managed Service so you don't have to worry about the servers, security, software or hosting

SafetyLine is a hosted solution and managed service. That means that we take care of all of the back-end servers, communications, security and software in the network hosting centre. We make sure the system is always up and running, with all of the backups required for consistent up-time. You don’t even need to install special software on your computers. You just have to connect and use it!

Your Data is Safe

Information is kept encrypted, secured and backed up and accessed only by your own staff with permissions

SafetyLine’s servers and data are fully encrypted, secured, and firewalled and meet modern IT standards and norms, as required by many of our larger private and Government customer contracts. All of SafetyLine’s serves and data are hosted in Canada.

Don't get Out of Date

SafetyLine is "Future Proof" and evolves with technology so you wont ever be stuck with out of date hardware or services

Since SafetyLine comes from a technology company, innovation is one of our core values. So you can be sure that as new suitable technologies or devices become available they will be integrated in to the service offering. The best part is that as a hosted service, SafetyLine can provide updates and upgrades to the backend web interface and system’s core without you having to upgrade any software. As new standard features become part of SafetyLine, they will automatically become available to you! SafetyLine will always remain at the forefront of work alone technologies, so you won’t be left with an out of date service or antiquated SafetyLine-specific devices down the road.