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SafetyLine's suite of features give you all the benefits you might need to have the right safety monitoring solution for each of your team.

Check out some of the features and benefits available to you, depending on which SafetyLine package you choose.

Proactive Check-in Timers

Don't rely on your ability to call for help... in order to call for help.

Instead of trying to call for help when in distress, the lone worker can proactively check in on a regular basis to report that they are safe. This sets a timer which will count down to the next scheduled check-in. If the lone worker misses the reminder and fails to check in, SafetyLine will signal an alarm even if the lone worker is unconscious or unable to call for help. The lone worker just simply checks in before the timer expires to reset it and reports they are safe.

Check-in timers are set on the go, which means that lone workers don't need to schedule ahead of time and that SafetyLine can be flexible with real-world working situations. Check in with either a default time using the simple press of a button, or set up a custom check-in timer.

Set the timer to a short interval for more dangerous tasks, so the Monitors are alerted sooner if something happens to the lone worker. The freedom to set longer or shorter intervals gives lone workers unlimited flexibility to fit their work, their way. The power to reset the timer at any time simply by checking in before it expires means SafetyLine never gets between the lone worker and the task at hand.

  • Check in with SafetyLine.
  • The timer counts down to the lone worker’s next scheduled check-in
  • Check in before the timer expires, and it resets as the lone worker continue your shift.
  • If the lone worker can't check in before the timer ends, they initially receive reminders to do so. If they haven’t checked in, then SafetyLine notifies Monitors of a potential emergency.
SafetyLine Benefits Page Checkin Timer Image

Never Miss an Emergency

Custom and persistent notification trees ensure the right person is notified quickly when a worker is in distress

If one of your lone workers is in trouble, you need to know. SafetyLine is set up to notify any number of Monitors in an emergency with isolated staff working alone. They can be people within your company or even a dispatch or call centre. Phone calls, texts and emails will be sent to your Monitors according to an escalation structure which you define beforehand. It's even possible to set up different escalation structures by groups. In order to ensure the safety of your lone worker, SafetyLine will keep trying until at least one person is reached and takes responsibility. SafetyLine will not rest until action is taken to ensure the safety of the lone worker.

SafetyLine Benefits Page Notification Escalation Image

Emergency Panic

Signal for help with the push of a button or a shake of your phone

If the lone worker is ever injured or in distress, they can signal a panic response at any time. Just press and hold the panic button, or use the motion features in the app to Shake for Panic. All of the Monitors will be notified immediately and given the necessary information so they can send help quickly and appropriately.

SafetyLine Benefits Page Panic Emergency Image

Choose your Own Devices

SafetyLine works with your existing devices including, smartphones, computers, tablets, satellite devices, and even telephones.

With SafetyLine, lone workers can use the device that they already have in their pocket – whether that's a basic phone, smartphone, satellite device or a laptop or tablet. That means you can pick and choose the right device for your unique job needs. Best of all, SafetyLine isn't tied to one device. So, if the lone workers feels like switching throughout the day, it will work seamlessly with all devices. In fact, if the lone worker has checked in, they are already being monitored – even if their battery runs dry or your device gets smashed.

SafetyLine Benefits Page Smartphone Desktop GPS Device Voice Image

Motion Features


Get an additional line of protection with SafetyLine Motion Features. By leveraging the motion sensors in a smartphone, organizations gain access to a host of tools such as fall detection, providing critical protection when they need it the most: If something happens and the lone worker can't manually trigger a panic emergency.

  • Man-down detection will alert Monitors in case a device hasn't moved for an extended period, often a result of an unconscious worker.
  • Fall detection will trigger an alert if the device recognizes a fall event capable of injuring a worker.
  • Check in before the timer runs out, and it just resets as the lone worker continues their shift.
  • The lone worker can shake when they are in danger, allowing them to trigger an emergency simply by vigorously shaking their phone.
SafetyLine Benefits Motion Features Fall Protection Image

GPS Maps

Location maps make sure you're found quickly when you need help.

Have access to powerful GPS features that can make all the difference. If a lone worker ever gets into a distress situation and needs help, knowing the location will allow Monitors to send the best help possible, as quickly as possible! SafetyLine can track GPS on every check-in and emergency. Every time you send a command to SafetyLine, your device will also send your location. On some devices you can also turn on GPS “breadcrumbs”, which will send a GPS location every time the lone worker moves or on regular intervals. You can turn this feature on and off, and it's only used for safety purposes. SafetyLine is only logging GPS info when the lone worker is logged in and actively monitored – it automatically turns off once they end their shift.

These optional features are available to empower the lone worker, and their organization, with the right tools to help keep the whole staff safe.

SafetyLine Benefits Page GPS Image

Voice & Text Messages

Leave comments for responders to find you in case of emergency

Whenever lone workers check in or signal an emergency they can include a voice or text message. When working alone, this is an opportunity to leave information about their location, what they are doing, and any hazards. Monitors will be able to receive these if the lone worker is in distress to better assess their situation and send help.

Multilingual Support

SafetyLine supported in the language your workers prefer

Available to your workers in additional languages including French and Spanish.

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It's Easy to Use

Simple enough to use that it won't get in your way at work

You heard it here – SafetyLine is easy to use. There's not much else to say, except that we want you to use it often since the more you do, the better your safety monitoring of staff working alone is. We know that if it isn't easy you won't use it.

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View Profiles, Histories and Maps

Get a dashboard overview of all your staff or check on the info, events or location for any one User

The web portal provides Monitors a dashboard overview of all of the lone workers for whom they are responsible for. From the portal, they access personal profiles, contact lists, events histories, voice and text messages, and even maps of previous and current locations for individual users. If Monitors receive a notification of a lone worker in an emergency, they will be taken straight to the lone worker’s profile to view all of his or her info to best assess the situation and act accordingly.

SafetyLine Web app phone

Prompts for your Emergency Response Procedures

During an emergency, Monitors will be prompted to follow appropriate actions and log comments.

SafetyLine will prompt Monitors to follow their organization's custom emergency response procedures when lone workers are in danger. This means that Monitors won't need to memorize the steps that are required to resolve a situation such as fall detection. Instead, Monitors only need to perform the steps as they are presented to you. They can also leave a comment for each step, so other Monitors know what is happening, and so the information for an incident report is being generated along the way.

SafetyLine Benefits Page Emergency Response Procedures Image

Full Online Administration

Perform administration tasks and changes from any web browser with the SafetyLine web app

Log in to the secured SafetyLine web portal to perform any system administration needed, or simply give a shout out to our friendly support team. Administrators will have secured access to our powerful web interface where they can setup, add, delete and change information for individual lone workers, groups, or the whole organization. SafetyLine is adaptable and can be configured to match your organization's existing structures, procedures and policies.

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Get Custom Reports On-Demand


All events in SafetyLine are logged, so staff can generate on-demand customized reports right from their web browser. Data can be sorted according to different criteria, allowing Monitors to view event histories, GPS location histories and even voice messages from Monitors or Workers. Save reports by printing, or exporting them to common formats like MS Excel for audits and analysis.

SafetyLine Benefits Page Custom Online Reporting Tool Image

Fully Automated

24hr service = efficiency all day every day.

SafetyLine is fully automated, which means it is working 24 hours a day, every day. Reduce human error, improve efficiency, integrate technological benefits, and reduce costs.

SafetyLine Benefits Page 24 Hour Fully Automated Delivery Image

Let us Handle the Back End

SafetyLine is a Managed Service so you don't have to worry about the servers, security, software or hosting

SafetyLine is a hosted solution and managed service. That means that we take care of all of the back-end servers, communications, security and software in the network hosting centre. We make sure the system is always up and running, with all of the backups required for consistent up-time. You don't even need to install special software on your computers. You just have to connect and start using it, quickly ensuring the safety of lone workers within your organization.

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Your Data is Safe

Information is kept encrypted, secured and backed up and accessed only by your own staff with permissions

SafetyLine's servers and data are fully encrypted, secured, and firewalled and meet modern IT standards and norms, as required by many of our larger private and government customer contracts. All of SafetyLine's servers and data are hosted in Canada.

SafetyLine Benefits Page Secure Encrypted Data Permissions Image

Don't get Out of Date


Since SafetyLine comes from a technology company, innovation is one of our core values. You can be sure that as new suitable technologies or devices become available, they will be integrated into the service offering. The best part is that as a hosted service, SafetyLine can provide updates and upgrades to the back-end web interface and system's core without you having to upgrade any software. As new standard features become part of SafetyLine, they will automatically become available to you. SafetyLine will always remain at the forefront of work-alone technologies, so you won't be left with an out-of-date service or antiquated SafetyLine-specific devices down the road.

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Since 2010, we facilitated close to 16 million safety check-ins from lone workers across the country. Additionally, 3 out of 4 workers felt safer on the job just knowing that SafetyLine was in reach.

Now it's your turn to make your workplace safer with SafetyLine!

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