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SafetyLine Benefits Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing

Our innovative contact tracing feature will help you track and stop the spread of COVID-19 and other harmful viruses in your workplace. We have adapted our current technology to allow you to review the worker’s location history and document the people and places they interacted with – but only with consent from your workers.

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SafetyLine Benefits Proactive Checkin Timers

Proactive Check-In Timers

This feature allows workers to check in when they start their shift and if they don’t check in before the pre-determined timer expires, a reminder will be sent to the worker. If the worker still does not check in, an alarm will be raised until their safety can be confirmed.

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SafetyLine Benefits Easy Seamless Communication

Easy, Seamless Communication

Whenever lone workers check in or signal an emergency, they can include a voice or text message to leave information about their location, what they are doing, and any hazards. In an emergency, information is essential and monitors can use these details to better assess the situation when sending help.

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SafetyLine Benefits Motion Features Fall Detection

Life-saving Motion Features

SafetyLine leverages the existing motion features on a smartphone to call for help even when your lone worker is not able to. Man-down detection will send an alert if the device hasn't moved for an extended period, often a result of an unconscious worker.

Fall detection will send an alert if a fall as occurred, possibly injuring the worker. The shake-for-emergency features allow workers to easily to request urgent help.

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SafetyLine Benefits Emergency Panic Button

Emergency Panic Button

In addition to our shake-for-emergency feature, SafetyLine also provides an accessible panic button which lone workers can press in the case of an emergency. If the lone worker presses and holds the panic button, your monitor will be instantly notified of the emergency.

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SafetyLine Benefits Fully Automated

Fully Automated, 24/7

24/7 service = lone worker protection all day, every day. Because SafetyLine is fully automated, your lone workers are protected every hour of every work day. With our dependable automation, human error is reduced, lone worker monitoring is more efficient, and your costs are lower.

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SafetyLine Benefits Choose Your Own Devices

Choose Your Own Devices

Implementing SafetyLine is incredibly easy. It works with your existing devices such as smartphone, laptops, tablets, satellite devices and even landline phones. This provides flexibility, allowing you to choose the best device that is available and suits your unique needs. Additionally, the devices using SafetyLine can be switched throughout the day.

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SafetyLine Benefits GPS Maps Location Tracking

Location Tracking

In an emergency, every second counts and can be the crucial difference between life and death. Our GPS maps ensure that in an emergency, your worker is found quickly with the best help possible. This feature is only activated when the lone worker is logged in and checking in.

On some devices you can also turn on GPS “breadcrumbs”, which will send a GPS location every time the lone worker moves or on regular intervals.

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SafetyLine Benefits Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support

SafetyLine protects lone workers all around the world. Because of that, we provide SafetyLine in a number of languages so that it can help protect your team and organization, no matter what tongue they speak in or what they prefer.

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SafetyLine Benefits Crucial Information

Crucial Information at a Glance

Through our web portal, you can get a quick overview of your entire lone-worker team and easily access important information such as their profiles, contact lists, events histories, voice and previous locations of the workers. This information can be crucial in the event of an emergency, ensuring the best help is provided to your lone worker in need of help.

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SafetyLine Benefits Page Emergency Administrative Tools Image

Accessible Administration

On any online device, perform administration tasks and changes quickly just by logging into SafetyLine web portal.

Your administrators will have secured access to our powerful web interface where they can easily setup, add, delete and change information for individual lone workers, groups, or the whole organization.

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SafetyLine Benefits Custom Reports on Demand

Custom Reports On-Demand

Just by logging into our SafetyLine web portal, you are able to create useful, customized reports that can include valuable information on event and location histories, voice and text messages, as well as those who the worker interacted with in the event of COVID-19 contact tracing.

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SafetyLine Benefits Let Us Handle the Back end

Let Us Handle the Back End

On top of having dependable protection for your lone workers, a benefit of using SafetyLine is that it is a managed service and you don't have to worry about the servers, security, software or hosting. We make sure the system is always dependable and functional, with all of the backups required for consistent up-time. You don't even need to install special software on your computers.

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SafetyLine Benefits Your Data is Safe

Your Data is Safe

We know that the information gathered by SafetyLine is confidential and possibly sensitive - we take this very seriously. We make sure that your information is kept encrypted, secured and backed up, allowing only authorized staff members to access it.

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SafetyLine Benefits Stay Up to Date

Constant Innovation

Safetyline is "future proof,” meaning that we will always remain at the forefront of work-alone technologies and we are always evolving with new technology so you won't ever be stuck with antiquated hardware or services.

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Since 2010, we facilitated close to 16 million safety check-ins from lone workers across the country. Additionally, 3 out of 4 workers felt safer on the job just knowing that SafetyLine was in reach.

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