Designing a Safe and Functional Office

Eliminate On-The-Job Injury And Prolong Comfort And Productivity

office workers typing on computers

Without a properly functional work space, the possibility for ergonomic hazards in the workplace increases.  They are the hardest to spot since you don’t always immediately notice the strain on your body or the harm that these hazards pose.  Short-term exposure may result in “sore muscles” the next day or in the days following the exposure, but long term exposure can result in serious long-term illness.  Ergonomic hazards can not only affect the worker: the employer can suffer slower productivity, lower morale in staff, and higher disability and insurance claims.

Safety and comfort should be considered equally to visual aesthetics when it comes to designing work spaces.  Learn how to design a safe and functional office space in this article.

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Workplace Hazards Series: Ergonomic Hazards

How to spot the Ergonomic Hazards in your workplace before they harm your employees

Businessman with back pain

Ergonomic Hazards are factors in your environment that can harm the musculoskeletal system. Injuries that are caused by strain placed on the body from Ergonomic Hazards aren’t always immediately obvious, making these hazards difficult to detect. In this post from our “Workplace Hazards” series, we’ll take a look at how you can identify Ergonomic Hazards and remove them your workplace.

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